• 1975

    founding year

    The beginning of the Heuschmid era

  • 1978

    New garage opened in Benningen

    With engine power testing station – first unauthorised Alpina Service


  • 1979

    Authorised SAAB representation and service

  • 1980

    First road legal tuned SAAB 99 Turbo

    First road legal tuned SAAB 99 Turbo with charged-air intercooler

    Start of developing rallye-cars for SAAB


  • 1981

    Development of the SAAB 900 Turbo

    Development of the SAAB 900 Turbo with charged-air intercooler in cooperation with SAAB in Trollhättan

    The engine develops 180 HP with the new intercooler at the same charged air pressure as the series model securing a plus of 35HP

    SAAB acknowledges the expertise of Heuschmid Tuning and takes the warranty cover for Heuscmid performance enhanced SAAB cars.

  • 1982

    First own alloy wheel for the SAAB 900: Ronal Turbo

    Distribution network for SAAB-Tuning: e.g. Gordon Lamp (Chesterfield, England), Hirsch (Switzerland), Anex (Tokio), Giroix Sport (Paris), SAAB-Ana (Örebro), jk Tuning (Uetersen), Hans-Peter Weise (Remscheid)


  • 1983

    Introducing the Heuscmid model range HS1/ HS2

    European Rallye Championship

  • 1984

    Introducing the Airflow set with 200HP for the SAAB 900 and HS4


  • 1985

    Presentation of the HS2, IAA Frankfurt

    Presentation of the HS2 on the own display at the IAA in Frankfurt/Main

    Alloy wheels 7×16” and 7.5×16” for all 900/9000 models

    Heuschmid Messestand IAA Frankfurt 1985

  • 1986

    Introducing SAAB 9000

    Introducing the Airflow set for the SAAB 9000

    SAAB 9000 HS6 complete motor conversion to 230HP

    9000 HS 6 Weiß


  • 1987

    SAAB 900 HS5 Cabrio

    SAAB 900 HS5 convertible with 195HP and controlled catalytic converter

  • 1988

    catalytic converter range

    Complete road legal catalytic converter range for all SAAB models by Heuschmid Tuning


  • 1989

    SAAB 9000 HS6S with 250HP

  • 1991

    17” alloy wheels for the SAAB 9000CS


  • 1993

    End cooperation with SAAB

    Cooperation with SAAB seized due to the restructuring of SAAB

  • 2003

    28 years later, the HEUSCHMID GmbH is created

    Heuschmid GmbH with Sebastian Heuschmid on the helm and Johann Heuschmid as technical director set up 28 years after the founding of Heuschmid Tuning


  • 2004

    Relocation the new Heuschmid GmbH into the old companies building in Benningen

    Relocation the new Heuschmid GmbH into the old companies building and setting up the specialised SAAB 900 tuning and servicing.

    Extending the program to all modern SAAB models using HIRSCH tuning.

  • 2005

    Extension of the Used Car Program

    Extending the pre-owned car program to a permanent 50 vehicles on stock. Starting with the SAAB 96 over the models 90 and 99 the legendary 900i up to the recent 9-3 and 9-5.

    In addition the complete HIRSCH range with the high performance Viggen and Troll models.

    Developing an exchange for used spare parts for all SAAB models.


  • 2007

    Benningen, hall with 1800 squares

    HEUSCHMID moved to the new location at Industriestraße 1 in Benningen with the extended show room and work shop and storage area. About 1800sqm allow to keep the customer vehicles currently in service or overhaul indoors.

  • 2008

    It’s a 33-year anniversary

    HEUSCHMID celebrated its 33rd anniversary. On 14 June SAAB enthusiast, long term customers, friends and partners of HEUSCHMID got together for the event on the meetingpoints with the SAAB 99, 900 and 9000 models.


  • 2012

    Moving to Obergünzburg

    Again more space for the expanding operations is needed.

    On August 2012 HEUSCHMID moved to the 3100sqm building in Öbergünzburg.

    The new facilities include specialised departments: motor work shop, interior restoration for upholstery and headliners and a high rack storage area.

    Heuschmid Gelände

  • 2013

    Start cooperation with ORIO



  • 2014

    The entry of Florian Hagn

    The youngest of the HEUSCHMID sons, Florian Hagn (Heuschmid) joined the company as an apprentice for automobile mechatronics.


  • 2016

    Johann Heuschmid is taking over the management again

    Porträt Johann

    Erweiterung des Lagers um ca. 1000 qm und extra Verwaltung



  • 2019

    Expansion of the exterior

    enlargement and remodelling of the outdoor storage

  • 2020

    45 years of Heuschmid anniversary


  • 2021

    New exhibition hall.

    New additional exhibition hall for finished sales vehicles.2M6A7651

  • 2021

    Reinforcement by additional specialists.

    From 2022 repair of all electrical components, blasting and coating of all axle bodies as well as production of complete stainless steel systems with TÜV/CE testing for all SAAB models.


  • 2023

    Sebastian Heuschmid becomes the new managing director

    Sebastian Heuschmid becomes the new managing director of Heuschmid GmbH.Sebastian Heuschmid

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