Seatbelt for SAAB 9-3 convertible from 2003

Now repaired by us

The Seatbelts are not longer available.

Therefore do we now offer our new service!

The seatbelts of SAAB 9-3 convertible and some other models can be repaired by our SAAB expert HEUSCHMID.

We have enough spare part carriers!

For example, the side part of a Saab 900 Convertible

We have enough spare part carriers for all Saab models.

Exhaust manifold welding at HEUSCHMID

bevor – after

In the picture below you can see, what it looks like, when you work on a torn exhaust manifold at HEUSCHMID.

Just slide the slider to the left and right!

This Is how we detail your precious car

SAAB 900 convertible – paint polished on the right side, untreated on the left side

SAAB 900 convertible – during the process of polishing

A dream in Red – the completely polished and detailed SAAB 900 convertible


Spare parts for any SAAB car, brand new or refurbishedGenuine SAAB parts, Gear Boxes, Rear Axles for the Turbo X and so on.
Over 300 pre-owned cars from the classic 93 to the Hirsch 9-5, refurbished or in original conditions on stock

Our Service Offer

Wheel alignment after the complete overhaul of the car or fitting a new suspension using in long runs especially approved values.

We’ll provide any technical service for your SAAB.

From the change and storage of your wheels over the oil change, servicing and repairs of all kinds to the pick up and delivery service.
Your precious car is in good hands.

Special Heuschmid Service

The most unique feature of the SAAB fuelled mechanics and petrol heads of the Allgäu can offer even very rare spare parts for the 900 and 9000 SAAB models.

If parts are not available as genuine parts brand new, we can refurbish used parts or even reproduce parts.

If your local SAAB dealer or garage has run out of parts long ago, we do hold a large stock of body panels, doors, bonnets, trunk lids, bumpers, complete engines and engine part as well as gear boxes etc even for your classic SAAB.

We do renew or renovate the car seat leather trim in the original colours and we do have the headliners for all SAAB 900 models on stock.

❆ ❆ ❆ Winter road service ❅ ❅ ❅


SAAB cars are designed to deliver outstanding performance even on snow covered roads.

But especially during the snow rich Allgäu winter it is necessary to keep the roads open and safe, even for the classic SAAB cars.

Therefore, we are providing winter road services with clearing and gritting the roads since 1984 in our home in Benningen to secure the safe journey and arrival of our valued customers.

This is not just an additional field of our operations. We are determined to support our customers at any time of the year regardless of the height of the snow cover on the roads.

There might be a limited availability via telephone during the duty hours.

For that, we kindly ask for your understanding.

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