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900 Turbo 16
Saab Sonett

The new Heuschmid SAAB calendar 2022

is still available and can now be ordered for the price of EUR 50 plus shipping and packaging costs!
Format DIN A 2 14 pages

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Our new dry ice cleaning

To offer you a new special service, we invested in dry ice cleaning technology.

Our stainless steel exhaust systems now have EC certificates!

and are labeled with laser engraving on the bottom.

New and exclusive by HEUSCHMID

Kressab Master logo

Autotransporter mit Hardtop

From now on we offer the Swedish transporter on the German market.

Perfect for transporting classic cars, racing and rally cars, because of the closed hardtop.

Attention, fake!

Beware of counterfeit service booklets and spare parts.


Seatbelt for SAAB 9-3 convertible from 2003

Now repaired by us

The Seatbelts are not longer available.

Therefore do we now offer our new service!

The seatbelts of SAAB 9-3 convertible and some other models can be repaired by our SAAB expert HEUSCHMID.

New! Headrest with integrated HEUSCHMID logo

Or even according to your wishes.

Headrest with integrated HEUSCHMID logo or your own desired writing.

Prices on request

NEW! Steering Wheels with Heuschmid writing.

Or even according to your wishes.

Fender for Saab 9000

Now NEW and exclusive for Heuschmid!
Fender for Saab 9000

Dieser Artikel wird exklusiv für HEUSCHMID gefertigt.

Heuschmid Slideshow

70 Years SAAB Festival at Trollhättan

Impressions from Trollhättan by
Johann Heuschmid and Photographer Gerhard Burock

NEW! Power Steering for the SAAB 99

Exclusive at Heuschmid

Wheel Alignment

Using in long runs especially approved values

Forged Pistons

Exclusively by Heuschmid for all SAAB models



Heuschmid offers a wide range of technical services around your SAAB car


As the SAAB Specialists with high expertise of all SAAB models we cater for all levels of restoration


Heuschmid offers all levels of performance enhancements for everybody who’s driving a SAAB

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